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Ben Daglish – The Last Ninja (The Wilderness Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC
Richard Bayliss – Emotions From Heaven (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC


Martin Galway – Parallax (Space Edit) (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC
Link – Comic Frame (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)
Richard Joseph – Cauldron II (The Witch Who Stepped in Dub) (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC
Rob Hubbard – Thundercats (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC


Hazel – Nemesis The Warlock : FLACMP3


Hazel – Savage (A Kingdom Will Fall) : MP3
Hazel – Summer (Barbeque at Dafunks Beachhouse) : MP3


Boz & Hazel – Tigana (feat. Monique) : MP3
Boz & Hazel – Tigana (Instrumental) : MP3
Defiance & Hazel – Druid 2 (The Stonehenge Conspiracy) : MP3
Hazel – A Taste Of Galway (Mini-Mix) : MP3
Hazel – Mugsys Revenge : MP3
Hazel vs Agemixer – Eternal Light (When The Sky Glows) : MP3
Hazel vs Agemixer – Lightspeed : MP3
Hazel vs Agemixer – Strobosphere 2 : MP3
Hazel vs Compod – Fatal Attraction : MP3
Hazel vs Compod – Project 11 (An Angels Love) : MP3
Hazel vs Coolrock – Evelien (Only You) : MP3
Hazel vs Decoder – A Sad Trip To You : MP3
Hazel vs Jeroen Soede – Magic Funk : MP3
Hazel vs Jeroen Tel – Remark : MP3
Hazel vs Johannes Bjerregaard – M.A.C.H (When Time Ends) : MP3
Hazel vs John Fitzpatrick – Bruce Lee (Fists Of Fury) : MP3
Hazel vs Laxity – Mip Mip Police : MP3
Hazel vs Neil Baldwin – Shadow Skimmer : MP3
Hazel vs Praiser – Breitbandkatze : MP3
Hazel vs Russell Lieblich – Aliens : MP3
Hazel vs Speed Demon – Art & Music Compo 3 (A Fantasy World) : MP3
Hazel vs Speed Demon – Art and Music Compo 3 : MP3
Hazel vs Zardax – Adtestson : MP3
Hazel vs Zyron – Slowmotion : MP3FLAC
Moog & Hazel – Acid Jazz (Grand Theft Audio) : MP3


Hazel vs Boz – Boz Hubbard : MP3
Hazel vs Rob Hubbard – Spellbound (64 Knights And One Round Table) : OGG
Hazel vs Jeroen Tel – Atmosphere (Touching The Sky) : MP3


Hazel Vs Galway – Green Beret (We Shall Never Surrender) : MP3
Hazel vs Jean Nine – Strong Borders, Weak Nation (Release Your Anger Remix) : OGG
Hazel vs Johannes Bjerregaard – Eagles : MP3
Hazel vs Rock – Contest Demo (The 2nd Choice) : MP3

15 Replies to “C64 Remixes

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  2. Love it, may the sounds be used public?
    regards from the old school Bros 80’s cracking Netherlands
    Known from the many Bros intro’s, C64 circletwist demos

  3. @Mathias, Well.. I have no plans at the moment.. And even less spare time to make plans.. But I hope to at least make some kind of stuff for the ReVision party this easter.


    I love the C64 and Amiga500 sound !!!
    Amiga Rulz

    Greetings from Germany …

  5. I love your remixes i found on remix.kwed.org. Im so happy i found your homepage whith ALOT of new stuff i haven’t heard. I will download it all =)

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