17 May 2011

4 tracks used in SoS II.

These are the tracks I got on the compilation “The Sound of SceneSat Volume 2”. Hazel – One Man, One Button & The End of Mankind: MP3 – OGG – FLAC Hazel – From Denmark With Love: MP3 – OGG – FLAC Hazel – Time: MP3 – OGG – FLAC Hazel – Objects in the... Read More
03 April 2011

Just an informative update

Little progress update. 😉 Even though you haven’t seen any releases or WIPs lately then I have still been working on something. Been fiddling with a C64 remix of Maniac Mansion and has just finished the last track for a easter project. 🙂 I have submitted 4 tracks in 4 different styles for that.
15 February 2011

Parallax gets the treatment

Well..  C64 Remix number 4 is here.. Martin Galway – Parallax (Space Edit) (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k) – FLAC Yeah yeah.. I know.. Parallax has been remixed a gazillion times already.. But I don’t give a shit..
18 January 2011

First C64 Remix of 2011

It has now been a year ago since my last c64 remix. So here is my first remix of 2011. Rob Hubbard – Thundercats (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 – FLAC This year I hope/plan to release more than just one remix.. 🙂