10 August 2010

Demolicious #02 was finally aired!

Okay.. This time I managed to play the mix-set and show the including video at SceneSat. If you want to see the video then head over to the “Video” link. If you just want to hear the music then head over to SceneSat and listen to it via the ReLive application.
07 August 2010

And then a miracle happened.

Yup! I guess sometimes good things can happen when everything looks so bad. Thank god for family who cares. When my sister & niece heard about this nightmare then they showed up at my doorstep and said that there was no way, that I should be without computer for the next many months. So they... Read More
04 August 2010

And then the nightmare began!

Those of you who waited for the “Demolicious #02” show on SceneSat last evening probably already knew that my PC broke down before the show. In fact all that survived this breakdown was the GFX-card and 2 HDs. One HD died, which is bad no matter what. But the really bad thing was the fact... Read More
02 August 2010

Demolicious #02

Yay! The second part of “Demolicious” which is my attempt on making a megamix of demotracks is now finished. The mix will be aired on SceneSat Radio on Tuesday the 3rd august with the possibility to watch on UStream as well. This little mix will be followed by a video as well like in “Demolicious... Read More
02 August 2010

Back again!

This site is back again. Unfortunately the site was hacked big time and my web host closed down the connection. And after I finally got the access back then I decided to change the whole system here. So you are looking at a brand new site here.. New layout.. New structure.. New everything.. Except for... Read More