And then a miracle happened.


I guess sometimes good things can happen when everything looks so bad.

Thank god for family who cares. When my sister & niece heard about this nightmare then they showed up at my doorstep and said that there was no way, that I should be without computer for the next many months. So they helped out and sponsored the needed stuff. So now I am back again. πŸ™‚

I still need to get my music HD salvaged someday when it is possible.. Β The music part of my life depends on this. If it won’t be possible to save any data from it then it is also goodbye to music composing.

But that is not my concern right now.. That is to finish my education and hopefully get a job after it.. And now I am able to do so because of the help of my superb family.

Thank you soo much!!

3 thoughts on “And then a miracle happened.

  1. Yeah.. Usually I have a backup of my music DAW.. And I “HAD” a backup. But as I was preparing video to those Demolicious shows then I soon realized that I did not have enough HD space (uncompressed video tends to take up much space). So I thought I could use the backup disk for that since it would only be for a couple days.

    Of course on a normal day I would just have bought a new HD when I needed the space but since I am under education/college then I didn’t have the luxury to buy a new drive.

    Lightning doesn’t strike twice at the same place. Or least I have heard. However the truth is a bit different.

    Thanks for buying my crap.. πŸ™‚ I hope it was you who chose the price and not a malfunction in the system.

  2. Dont you have a backup of your audio software?

    Man, you HAVE to continue to make music! I listen to your stuff most of the time when i code. Your songs have such a big influence on my motivation and creativity it seems.

    Its really a shock for me to hear about your money problems. Why dont you try to sell some of your albums for a little bit of money? Or insert a donation link for people like me who would like to give a little bit back to thank you for your awesome music.

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