And then the nightmare began!

Those of you who waited for the “Demolicious #02” show on SceneSat last evening probably already knew that my PC broke down before the show.

In fact all that survived this breakdown was the GFX-card and 2 HDs. One HD died, which is bad no matter what. But the really bad thing was the fact that  it  was my music daw system on that HD. So even when I get a new pc which I can’t afford at the moment, then I would not be able to make more music anyway.

I don’t know if this means that I am finished with making music. Since I don’t have the energy to start all over again. The solution would be to send the HD to some kind of reparation company who might be able to salvage the data. But since I can’t even afford to buy a new pc, then this is most likely not going to happen.

This is something that will take time to get back from..  Since I am in college at the moment and won’t be finished until around 3 months from now. Then it is safe to say that nothing will happen until then.

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