Here are some of the mix-sets that I have done.
Some have been aired at SceneSat Radio..

The very first Drum&Bass mix-set I did. It was played on SceneSat as a test one evening.
Hazel – In The Fastlane : *60MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

Was supposed to be a show where DJs would appear and do their mixing. But it never really took off.. However later on I started my own show WasSUB.
Hazel – The SceneSat Experience : *180MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

This mix contains various Spacesynth tracks…
Hazel – A Space Journey : *256MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

This mix contains Amiga tracks & Amiga remixes…
Hazel – The Scent of Amiga : *314MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

This mix contains various demotracks…
Hazel – Did You Hear That Demo : *217MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

This mix contains various ChillOut & Lounge tracks…
Hazel – Even Satellites Needs A ChillOut : *140MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

These mixes contains a bunch of tracks related to the scene…
Hazel – Everyone Wants To Be A Sputnik (Part 1) : *331MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):
Hazel – Everyone wants to be a Sputnik (Part 2) : *118MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

This mix contains various scene tracks…
Hazel – Memories From The Scene (part 1) : *97MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

This mix contains tracks from past Breakpoint parties…
Hazel – The Night Before Breakpoint : *350MB* + Cuefile (Playlist):

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