Here you can find a bit more info about me. Hurry, run away before it is too late.. 😉

Real Name: Ketil Jensen
Born: 1972
Country: Denmark

I mostly use the name Hazel when I twiddle around on the internet or during scene stuff. I used the name Hazel for the first time around 1997 where I got tired of the alias I had before.

Most of the people who is interested in my music probably knows me best from the demoscene and C64 remixing community. I have released quite a lot of C64 remixes since 2003 where I officially released my first remix “Comic Bakery” at Remix.Kwed.Org.

But even before that I have been releasing music scene-wise. A lot of music-disks for the Amiga has been released since 1990 under various scene groups.
I have also contributed music for compos at: The Party, Scene Event, Out of Memory, Meltdown, PixelJam, Revision & TRSAC.

In 2008 a new chapter of my musical life happend. Together with Ziphoid we founded a new netradio which should try a cover most of the scene. Not just the demoscene but everything around it. If you haven’t heard of SceneSat Radio before then please have a look by yourself.

Also at the same time I was asked to make a soundtrack for the cult documentary “The 8Bit Philosophy” by Shining Movie Vision. It was shown on German tv and later on at various computer festivals. The documentary can be seen on YOUTUBE.

I also made the jingles for the “Remixer Of The Year” awards in 2009 held by SceneSat.

In 2010 I released some music for sale. “Sound Of Hazel“.
After releasing music for free in almost 20 years I think that I am allowed to try this. 😉

Later on in 2010 disaster stuck when my PC got fried and took a hard-drive (1 out of 3) with it to the grave. Sadly the HD that died was the one containing every project file, sample, preset, etc, that I had. 10+ years down the drain, hooray!! And so went my music streak up in smoke (literally). I still got the HD lying safely in my house so that I one day might afford to get the data extracted from it. Needless to say that everything changed from that day.
These days I am lucky if I make more than 3 tracks in a year. Finished tracks that is. Not just WIPs.

Well.. Whatever.. Everyone must fight their battles in life. This is just one of many more to come.

This page will probably be updated a bit when I get the time and find more useful stuff to add.. 🙂

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  1. You should talk to Nick… get the drive examined and recovered if possible. You have the best tunes/remixes by far over the years and a shame to be limited by a HDD failure. I always look for ‘Hazel’ first and foremost when looking at new tracks. Most artists do not have your consistent high energy bass-lines and rhythm. Miss your presence in the listings.

  2. Hey Hazel,

    we’re a computer company and one of our associates have a computer forensics service – and they’re really good at this. If you like we could send the harddrive to them (I could write you the address and everything you need)

    🙂 Cheers

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