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Ben Daglish – The Last Ninja (The Wilderness Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC
Richard Bayliss – Emotions From Heaven (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC


Martin Galway – Parallax (Space Edit) (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC
Link – Comic Frame (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)
Richard Joseph – Cauldron II (The Witch Who Stepped in Dub) (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC
Rob Hubbard – Thundercats (Remix by Hazel) : MP3 (320k)FLAC


Hazel – Nemesis The Warlock : FLACMP3


Hazel – Savage (A Kingdom Will Fall) : MP3
Hazel – Summer (Barbeque at Dafunks Beachhouse) : MP3


Boz & Hazel – Tigana (feat. Monique) : MP3
Boz & Hazel – Tigana (Instrumental) : MP3
Defiance & Hazel – Druid 2 (The Stonehenge Conspiracy) : MP3
Hazel – A Taste Of Galway (Mini-Mix) : MP3
Hazel – Mugsys Revenge : MP3
Hazel vs Agemixer – Eternal Light (When The Sky Glows) : MP3
Hazel vs Agemixer – Lightspeed : MP3
Hazel vs Agemixer – Strobosphere 2 : MP3
Hazel vs Compod – Fatal Attraction : MP3
Hazel vs Compod – Project 11 (An Angels Love) : MP3
Hazel vs Coolrock – Evelien (Only You) : MP3
Hazel vs Decoder – A Sad Trip To You : MP3
Hazel vs Jeroen Soede – Magic Funk : MP3
Hazel vs Jeroen Tel – Remark : MP3
Hazel vs Johannes Bjerregaard – M.A.C.H (When Time Ends) : MP3
Hazel vs John Fitzpatrick – Bruce Lee (Fists Of Fury) : MP3
Hazel vs Laxity – Mip Mip Police : MP3
Hazel vs Neil Baldwin – Shadow Skimmer : MP3
Hazel vs Praiser – Breitbandkatze : MP3
Hazel vs Russell Lieblich – Aliens : MP3
Hazel vs Speed Demon – Art & Music Compo 3 (A Fantasy World) : MP3
Hazel vs Speed Demon – Art and Music Compo 3 : MP3
Hazel vs Zardax – Adtestson : MP3
Hazel vs Zyron – Slowmotion : MP3FLAC
Moog & Hazel – Acid Jazz (Grand Theft Audio) : MP3


Hazel vs Boz – Boz Hubbard : MP3
Hazel vs Rob Hubbard – Spellbound (64 Knights And One Round Table) : OGG
Hazel vs Jeroen Tel – Atmosphere (Touching The Sky) : MP3


Hazel Vs Galway – Green Beret (We Shall Never Surrender) : MP3
Hazel vs Jean Nine – Strong Borders, Weak Nation (Release Your Anger Remix) : OGG
Hazel vs Johannes Bjerregaard – Eagles : MP3
Hazel vs Rock – Contest Demo (The 2nd Choice) : MP3

10 thoughts on “C64 Remixes

  1. Love it, may the sounds be used public?
    regards from the old school Bros 80’s cracking Netherlands
    Known from the many Bros intro’s, C64 circletwist demos

  2. @Mathias, Well.. I have no plans at the moment.. And even less spare time to make plans.. But I hope to at least make some kind of stuff for the ReVision party this easter.

  3. Davs Hazel, love your stuff! Just checking, any new albums or tracks incoming?

    /Mathias aka Goblin/Light

  4. I love your remixes i found on remix.kwed.org. Im so happy i found your homepage whith ALOT of new stuff i haven’t heard. I will download it all =)

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